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PS3 Cheats Title – Vancouver 2010


Bronze trophies
1,500 m Short Track Specialist – Win a gold at 1,500 m short track speed skating in a single-player game.
500 m Short Track Hero – Win a gold at 500 m short track speed skating in a single-player game.
Aerials Ace – Win a gold at aerials in a single-player game.
Air Play – Complete the Air Play Challenge.
Beat Your Maker – Complete the Beat Your Maker Challenge.
Best With Friends – Play a 4 player game on one system.
Bobsleigh Boss – Win a gold at bobsleigh in a single-player game.
Caught Speeding – Complete the Caught Speeding Challenge.
Corner Counter – Complete the Corner Counter Challenge.
Downhill Dominator – Win a gold at downhill in a single-player game.
Giant Slalom Guru – Win a gold at giant slalom in a single-player game.
Good Host – Host an online game.
Head To Head – Complete the Head To Head Challenge.
High Speed – Complete the High Speed Challenge.
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