Reasons Why PS3 Fans Should Upgrade To the PS4

Obviously, anytime a new console is released the tendency of the true gamer is to run out and pick it up.  Simply put, upgrading or updating consoles and brands is simply part of the natural order of things it would seem.  When you purchase a newly released console you know that you’re going to be greeted with a barrage of amazing sights and sounds as well as the kinds of experiences which further open your imagination.  Similarly, there’s something that’s almost tribally satisfying about being “part of the group that owns the new console”, as if it were a big club or something.  Sony fans in particular are well-known for this sort of group-based mentality, not that it’s a bad thing.   However, there are many other reasons why a person might want to move up to the PS4 from the PS3 aside from the obvious “newer is always better” principle that so many seem to hold near and dear.

New Graphical Capabilities (obviously)

Perhaps the biggest and most obvious reason to upgrade to the PS4 from the PS3 has to do with the oldest and most venerated aspect of console gaming which is graphical capabilities.  For example, when the PS2 was released it was heralded as an amazing step forward and all the new features and capabilities meant that developers could stretch out a bit more as well.  Likewise, when the PS3 come onto the market it made the PS2 look positively ancient by comparison (it’s still a nice system though, if you’re into retro gaming).  Equally, the power of the PS3 allowed developers to once again up the ante with regards to what they might be capable of producing.  Well, simply put, we’re seeing yet another revolution in the cycle taking place here with the release of the PS4.  In fact, according to Electronic Arts, “the PS4 is 8 times more powerful than current generation consoles”.    So, what does this really mean aside from games becoming more detailed, realistic and intense, you might be wondering?  Well, you should expect to see certain titles emerge which (yet again) push the boundaries of what’s possible even further than many are anticipating.

Ps4 Graphics

It’s basically an All-in-one Entertainment Box

Sure, the services for the PS3 and PS4 aren’t all that different at this particular moment in time.  Both have access to a wide variety of apps and media programs which deliver streaming content, radio, video, movies, etc…  However, there’s one thing you might not have thought about – PS4 owners will have access to Flixster.

For those unaware, “Flixster” is essentially a competing service opposite “Netflix”.  But what makes Flixster different is that it isn’t just an aggregator which compiles movies and TV programs, it’s also a dedicated social media platform which allows PS4 gamers to interact with one another in various ways.   For instance, users can share reviews, form communities or even discover films which they might not have otherwise have ever heard about via the service.  Furthermore, Flixster gives users the option to buy or rent movies and TV shows, which is a slightly new take on the streaming concept.

As far as entertainment services and the PS4 is concerned, the next-gen console is falling in with the same line of thinking as that of Microsoft; being, that gaming consoles should be able t fulfill multiple roles.   In essence, the PS4 can essentially replace just about every other machine or device in your entertainment center and even eliminate the need for receiving a conventional TV signal or movie rentals.  Similarly, the PS4 seems to be in line with bringing social media into the light and will likely continue to integrate services from sites like Facebook and Twitter and new and exciting ways as well.

Exciting new Software and Content is Likely on the Way

Aside from everything else, the most exciting proposition has to be the new games and content that’s on the way which is being specifically developed for the PS4.  Let’s face it, the hardware specs of the PS4 seem to indicate that it’s going to be a very exciting next few years for Sony gamers and it’s entirely likely that some truly groundbreaking titles might very well be released.  Game development companies have been waiting for a console like the PS4 to come onto the market for quite a while as it is essentially on par with a top-of-the-line gaming PC.  Not only does this mean that developers will be able to focus on bringing certain elements to console games which were once unthought-of, it also means that they’ll be able to focus on other things like artistic direction without having to worry about limitations.  Additionally, the most intriguing and amazing games are likely to be either PS4 exclusives or relegated to the next-generation consoles.


Future support for the PS3 is likely to Diminish in the coming Months and Years

Furthermore, as expected, Sony will undoubtedly have to scale back its support for the PS3 which will include not only game development but also other important services.  For hardcore gamers, the notion of being stuck on a platform that’s slowly going the way of the dinosaur isn’t just a bit depressing; it’s somewhat akin to a slow extinction.  Likewise, and as previously explained, the most alluring titles are likely to only be released on the new system, so upgrading is almost required at this point if you want to remain relevant.

The new Controller (the DualShock 4) is a marked improvement over that of the PS3’s

If you’re looking for physically tangible reasons why moving to the PS4 from the PS3 is a good idea then look no further than the new controller that’s being shipped with the unit.  The DualShock 4 of the PS4 is superior to the DualShock 3 of the PS3 in almost every way imaginable.  First off, the controller has a touchpad which is positioned front and center which will likely be used in-game in new and amazing ways.  Additionally, the DS4 features a more ergonomic design with the analog sticks being spaced a bit further apart from one another and the tops of the sticks themselves even have indentations which are designed to improve grip / traction.  Moreover, the DualShock 4 also looks sleeker, lights up to display additional information to the gamer and even charges while the console is asleep.

PS4 Controller

Don’t you want to be on the cutting edge of Console Gaming?

Upgrading to the PS4 from the PS3 isn’t just about gaining minor advances or accessing little perks, it’s about staying on the cutting edge of things.  If you’re a dedicated gamer, having a PS4 means that you’re not only opening yourself up to experiencing new titles, it also means that you’re initiating yourself into a new community of sorts.  As you are probably already aware, there’s often a lot of camaraderie among gamers and whenever a new console is released.  Conversely, those who first embrace the new platform often become entrenched in these emerging communities forging a place for themselves and making new friends in the process.

Why Should PS3 fans upgrade to the PS4?  Because we can; the price is right, the features are amazing and future for the console looks incredibly bright as well.


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