Top Games for MMO Fans

As a serious gamer in the MMO field, you know what you want out of your gaming experience, and with the expansive market hosting Massive Multiplayer Online games, it used to be a struggle to find the sites worth using—until now. Plarium hosts knockout MMO games that are sure to satisfy any gamer.

Soldiers Inc. military game
The Plarium website is easy to use and allows fast access to your favorite games. You can easily sign up for the site through your Facebook profile, allowing you to get into the game faster. Plarium real time strategy games, which include Soldiers Inc. military game, Total Domination game, and Stormfall Age Of War, are sure to give any gamer the experience he or she wants.

Set in a futuristic Africa, the Soldiers Inc. military game allows you to build up an army, a base for your troops, and engage in battles against computerized opponents or other online gamers. With an interesting plot line of you and your fellow troops being employed by underground criminal operations, players are expected to complete tasks and quests given to them by crime lords in order to make them rich. The game boasts smart graphics and easy controls making your game play fast and fun.

If you are more interested in building your own empire than acting as a soldier, then the Stormfall Age Of War is the one for you. By completing quests set up for your character, your goal is to build your own city, and an army for that city. There are many game mode options to choose from that allow you to go off on adventures within the game or stay at your base and put together your empire. Look out though, at any point in your game play you may be faced with attacks from other online players or from computer generated enemies.

In the realm of massively immersive gaming, Total Domination game is the perfect specimen. In this game you act as a military recruit who is going through his training. This game hosts features that allow you to build bigger, more immersive and interactive fortresses than the other games, but still gives you the quest modes and ability to interact with other online players that MMO fans enjoy.

All three games are popular Plarium real time strategy games that have been highly ranked by gamers across the globe. The Plarium site is full of features aiming to enhance your gaming experience, with tutorials making easier your ability to step right into the games, and a fully equipped support staff to help you at any moment. Plarium is the site to meet all of your MMO needs.

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