Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Review

Considering how good Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 was as a golf game, it would have been difficult to believe that its successor could be so easy to recommend as an essential upgrade, but it certainly is. The latest golf game from Tiger Woods is easily the most realistic to have ever hit the shelves on the high street. With a load of additional features and functionality compared to its predecessor, and many an option to make the game challenging to even the most skilled player, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is a must by for anyone in the market for a golf game.

Upon your first foray into PGA Tour 11 you will have the option of either playing as one of 25 known professional golfers, one of a few novelty characters or even as your own custom created character. Despite the impressive stats that the Tiger Wood character boasts, you may find it more rewarding and entertaining to create your own custom build, especially as it’s easy to put your own face on your character with the inbuilt digital camera support. You will be restricted in the name that you can choose for your new golfing legend, to allow your loyal fans to chant your name upon your success, but other than that the character creation process is really quite rewarding.

A new tutorial will walk you through the most significant changes of this game compared to its predecessor, or take you through the basics if you have never played a PGA Tour title before. One of the most significant of these updates is known as the True-Aim system, which significantly ups the difficulty of the game, without introducing too much frustration. In essence the True-Aim system provides you with the view that you would have were you really out on the green playing your own game of golf. You won’t be able to watch your ball soar through the air to see where it lands; instead you will have to make an educated guess based on the crowd and commentator reactions and your own instincts. You don’t have to play with True-Aim enabled, but with several different difficulty settings to choose from it’s certainly worth a go.

Another new addition to help with success of PGA Tour 11 is the introduction of player focus. With each game you will possess a certain amount of focus, but that amount will diminish when you take advantage of one of the many powerful player aids, such as spinning the ball in the air or hitting the ball at more than 100% of your strength. This ingenious system encourages you to only use these overpowered moves when you really must, as the only way to restore your focus is to avoid using them.

Many different modes will keep you enjoying PGA Tour 11 for many hours. With more than a dozen of the expected traditional modes combined with minigames, multiplay and the all new and particularly impressive Ryder Cup, all spread over 17 impressive courses, you won’t get bored quickly. Venture online and you’ll discover another 10 modes to compete in as well to keep you occupied for many more hours.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first golf game or if you already own the predecessor to PGA Tour 11, this is still a game so packed full of features that you will undoubtedly find many hours of enjoyment. As the most true to life golfing game in existence to date, any fans of the sport should add this title to their collection.

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