Smash ‘N’ Survive Cheats

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PS3 Cheats Title – Smash ‘N’ Survive


Bronze trophies
Backstabber – Kill an ally by mistake or on purpose
Bodyguard – Successfully escort an ally to safety
Bomberman – Successfully plant and explode a bomb in Campaign Mode.
Guard – Successfully defend your base against an enemy attempt to plant and explode a bomb in Campaign Mode.
Hunter – Successfully chase and destroy an escaping enemy
Last Ditch Attempt – Successfully diffuse a planted bomb in Campaign Mode.
Smasher – Get your First Kill
Struggler – Barely survive the ‘Respect’ Mission
Stunt Man – Do a successful jump from one ship to another
Survivor – Win ‘Respect’ mission
Window Shopper – Entered shop for the first time.

Silver trophies
No More A Rookie – Complete the trail mission to Join the Necromancers
Team Man – After winning a team derby match

Gold trophies
Smash Master – Complete the campaign mode

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