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PS3 Cheats Title – Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle


Bronze trophies
A 1000-Day War – Use a Gold Saint to defeat another Gold Saint
A True Phoenix – Remove your Cloth as Ikki
Aldebaran, the Golden Bull – Complete Palace of Taurus in the story mode
All I can Rely On…Is My Power – Win a boss battle without using a continue (any opponent)
Athena Is Yours – Complete Palace of Sagittarius in the story mode
Awaken, Aiolia! – Complete Palace of Leo in the story mode
Awakening – Pull off a Real 7-Sense move 7 times
Battle of the 12 Gold Palaces – Complete Palace of Aries in the story mode
Between Life and Death – Complete Palace of Cancer in the story mode
Big Bang Unleashed – Use a Big Bang Attack for the first time
Black Saint Extermination – Defeat all the Black Saints
Blood-Stopping Master – Use Shinoten to save friends 10 times in Tag Challenge courses
Cosmo Skills Unleashed – Use all Burst attacks while in Cosmo Burst mode
End of a Legend – Finish all stories and stages in story mode (any difficulty)
End of the Struggle – Finish 10 Single Challenge courses in mission mode
Gemini’s Maze of Illusions – Complete Palace of Gemini in the story mode
I Don’t Need My Cloth! – Finish a course in mission mode with a character who’s taken off his Cloth
I Knew You’d Come For Me! – Have Ikki appear when continuing as Shun
I’ll Remove It Now! – Remove your Cloth as Shiryu
Nebula Stream Explodes! – Complete Palace of Pisces in the story mode
Praise My Beauty… – Defeat Misty
Pulverizing to Atoms – Destroy 100 breakable objects
Quest for Absolute Zero – Complete Palace of Aquarius in the story mode
Rend the Skies, Destroy the Earth – Use Cosmo Points to raise your abilities
Saga’s Divine Madness – Complete the Chamber of Grand Pope in the story mode
Saint of Hope – Finish the Sanctuary arc of story mode in Normal mode (cannot change difficulties midway)
Saori Rescued – Save Athena in the story mode (any difficulty)
Senseless Mastery – Win a boss battle without using any 7-Sense (any opponent)
Shina’s All Yours – Defeat Cassios
Start of the Battle – Finish 1 Single Challenge course in mission mode
The Forbidden Strike – Complete Palace of Capricorn in the story mode
The Last Scarlet Needle – Complete Palace of Scorpio in the story mode
The Legend Reborn – Finish the Sanctuary arc of story mode without using a continue (any difficulty)
The Phoenix Rises Again – Complete Palace of Virgo in the story mode
The Sword of Libra – Complete Palace of Libra in the story mode
The Unwavering Warrior – Earn A rankings in 10 stages or courses
Thirteen Years Ago… – Finish the Aiolos chapter in the story mode (any difficulty)
To the Galaxies – Upload mission mode data to the online ranking
We Will Die Together, My Brother – Finish 1 Tag Challenge course in mission mode
We’re All In This Together – Unlock all characters in the mission mode character select screen

Silver trophies
Beyond the Fight – Finish all Single Challenge courses in mission mode
Dodge the Needles – Defeat Scorpio Milo without getting hit by Scarlet Needle
Saint of Speed – Finish the Sanctuary arc of story mode in Hard mode (cannot change difficulties midway)
The Same Attack Never Works Twice – Use all Big Bang Attacks from all characters
The True Victor – Win a boss battle without taking damage (any opponent)
Worthy of the Pope – Win 100 battles against Gold Saints

Gold trophies
Axia Complete – Complete your gallery collection
Saint of the Goddess – Finish the Sanctuary arc of story mode in Bronze mode (cannot change difficulties midway)
String of Miracles – Earn A rankings in all stages and courses

Platinum trophy
Eternal Legend – Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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