Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review

The release of a Metal Gear game is big news; this is true regardless of whatever console or platform you prefer.  Seriously, who hasn’t played through at least one of the Metal Gear Solid games at some point in their life and been left thinking “oh my god, that was amazing”.  Kojima-San’s series has always been extremely deep from a storytelling perspective, and Revengeance is no exception.  In fact, some gamers might feel as though they’re being lectured to, but that’s only because they are failing to grasp the message that’s being conveyed (hey, if you want simple action and explosions, explore one of the less “intense” franchises).

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance -
In terms of the storyline, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance reintroduces “Raiden” from the 2nd game in the series, this time as a half-man / half-machine ninja cyborg (for lack of a better description).  You’ll be whisked away to locations all across the globe and be treated to a barrage of cut-scenes which eloquently fill in the details of what’s going on in an extremely artistic manner.  As with the other titles, this one starts off in an unassuming manner and then things quickly escalate out of control and the plot thickens to a point of near infinite density.  Basically, our hero starts off on a mission to stop a terrorist group from fulfilling their international desires for the human trafficking of children and covertly controlling the US government from the shadows.


What else can one say, this game looks absolutely amazing.  The action is also very smooth as are the framerates.  Level and character designs are top-notch, as are the many megalithic bosses you will fight along the way (so much fun).  Intense color and lighting effects are featured throughout and lend an almost otherworldly feel to the game, the likes of which will both startle and bathe you in its brilliance.  Definitely one of the better-looking games to come along in quite a while, and Revengeance is also very worthy of its nearly royal (video game) roots.


What makes MGR: Revengeance such a departure from the other titles in the series is its intense, acrobatic action.  Raiden is a very, shall we say, “hyper-active” force that’s extremely deadly, accurate and resilient.  You’ll shoot, slash, dash and kick your way across the faces of a myriad of opponents throughout the course of this game, all of which will fall under your mighty and righteous hand.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

Needless to say, the combat is very fast-paced and certainly services the gamer who is more interested in action as opposed to thinking or making decisions (although it remains quite deep in the story department, as previously stated).  “Blad mode” is particularly gratifying, as it allows you to chop your enemies to bits in slow motion…Revengeance!


Although this game might seem like a fairly shallow game, it features a number of features which helps lend itself to replayability – these largely being upgrades which carry over into new games.  Fans of the Metal Gear series will love this game, as will gamers who like hack-and-slash dynamics.  All in all, it’s a game that accomplishes quite a lot within a familiar format while subtly changing up the rules and dynamics in ways that help make it into something fresh.  Definitely pick this one up.

Rating – 8 / 10


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