Journey: Collector’s Edition Review

In essence, Journey: Collector’s Edition is a compendium of 3 great arcade-style PSN titles along with 3 additional mini games.  To make a long story short, there’s plenty to love here whether it be related to the aim and direction of the games themselves or the mechanics and graphics.  For those who are interested in non-traditional games or are looking for true value, look no further, this collection delivers on all fronts.

Included titles:

  1. Flow

  2. Flower

  3. Journey

Mini games:

  • Nostril Shot

  • Duke War

  • Gravediggers


Each and every title in this amazing collection from “TheGameCompany” is unique and rather beautifully rendered in its own right.  Obviously, the first three primary titles are the most appealing as far as graphics are concerned, each one of them being a visual feast.

Journey Collector’s Edition Review

Flow places you in the body of some type of microorganism that’s descending down ever deeper into the ocean as it consumes various other organisms.  Sure, it’s rather simple, but appealing nonetheless.  The second title, Flower, is incredibly appealing and beautiful; arguably the most colorful and relaxing game in the collection.  While it is certainly rather simple in its execution, one certainly can’t argue about its aims or overall visual appeal.  The third game and the main attraction as it were, is Journey, which is a truly interesting experience that you must actually witness to really get a solid grasp on.  As far as graphics are concerned however, Journey also gets top marks and is highly impressive in its own right.

The three mini games, Nostril Shot, Duke War, and Gravediggers are also appealing, albeit in an old-school fashion.  Needless to say, each one of these titles possesses its own unique charms and builds upon some aspect of their rather simplistic design.


In each of the three main titles (as well as the additional mini games) you’ll find that there isn’t a whole lot of traditional gameplay involved.  In other words, you won’t be doing the same old platforming, pulling off head shots or engaging in any other types of mainstream gaming activities.  Instead, this collection introduces the gamer to some entirely new experiences, many of which they might not consider to be particularly appealing at first, but rest assured, give it a chance and you’ll fall in love with all three games very easily.

Flow possesses very simple mechanics, you simply descend and consume, but within these boundaries some very interesting experiences take place inside of the rather lengthy main story.  Flower is very enigmatic and as previously mentioned, quite relaxing; it’s a perfect antidote to the relentless onslaught of violent FPS action we’ve all become accustomed to.  Journey is a great experience that is at once an adventure title as well as an innovative platformer.  You’ll likely become quite enchanted by its gameplay as well as its artistic leanings.


If one could only use two words to sum up Journey: Collector’s Edition they would be “amazing value”, but this still wouldn’t do justice as far as describing just how entertaining and fulfilling these games actually are.  Whether you’re looking for something entirely new to experience or have played one of the games on this list and really enjoyed it, this collection is a must-buy for PS3 owners (especially those who want to build a well-rounded library of games).

Rating – 9 / 10


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