Crysis 3 Review

Well, we all knew that Crysis 3 was going to be good, but it seems that it has actually surpassed a lot of people’s expectations and is in fact worth of being labeled “truly great”.  Keeping in line with the Sci-fi motif, Crysis 3 builds upon the story line developed throughout the first 2 installments, only nearly every aspect of the gameplay, visuals, characters and storyline have been improved   this time putting players in the shoes of our protagonist “Prophet” as he battles both the external forces around him as well as internal demons.

crysis 3

The story itself hinges around the struggle against both the CELL Corporation as well as the alien CEPH threat.  There’s plenty of depth too, you’ll be able to instantly connect with the struggle, dialogue and problems which the main characters are confronted with.  However, what makes Crysis 3 such a great game is its amazing level design and approach to gameplay.


Simply put, this is a really beautiful game.  It’s set in a futuristic, yet decrepit New York that’s been overrun by the forces of nature.  Ergo, it’s a really unique environment that’s at once nearly tropical and dreamy, as well as firmly grounded in a somewhat familiar locale.  There’s an incredible amount of detail as well, including absolutely breathtaking lighting.  Nothing short of actually playing the game (armed with an HD TV) will do it justice, you need to see it for yourself.


The gameplay is somewhat similar to that of Crysis 2, yet it is somewhat more refined and even more targeted approach to combat, nanosuit powers and stealth-based gameplay.  In particular, the player’s nanosuit features several key upgrades like hacking abilities.  There’s also a fantastic multiplayer (as was to be expected), which gamers are going to undoubtedly get lost in for hours.

crysis 3

There are around 33 weapons which are featured throughout the game, including the predator bow, conventional firearms as well as alien weaponry.  Furthermore, each of the primary and secondary weapons allows for up to 3 attachments which can also be replaced / modified at any given time.


In short, Crysis 3 is a really awesome FPS and does everything it’s supposed to and more.  If there is anything to complain about at all it’s that it might be a tad on the short side.  However, the levels are designed in such a way that you can accomplish your objectives via multiple pathways and strategies, so it still retains some definitive replay value (aside from the wonderful multiplayer).  So, what’s the verdict?  Definitely pick this one up if you’re a fan of the series (it’s arguably the best of the 3) or a FPS junkie.

Rating – 9 / 10


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