Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL Cheats

We do have a set of cheat codes to help testing the game (see the list below)

From the game’s main menu, select “Options”, and then “Cheats”. This will bring up a keyboard for you to enter the following cheat codes:

missy – Unlocks all 5 new battle arenas
monster – Unlocks all 26 character costumes
oscar – Unlocks all 8 new playable characters
rufus – Unlocks all 30 cartoon clips
sumo – Unlocks all levels and characters in “Story Mode” (basically treats it as if you just completed Story Mode)
koifish – Unlocks all character bios.
fancy – Gives you 9999 store points.
With these cheats you will be able to select each level directly from the main menu.

Most text will be found in the menus, shop and bonus materials. There is some introduction texts in the Arcade mode as well as the story text during story mode, which is mainly at the start and end of levels, with a very few exceptions. So the most important cheats would be “sumo” and “koifish” to get access to all story mode and the text heavy bios sections.


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