Battlefield 4 Review

DICE’s “Battlefield 4” may not look pretty enough on the PS3 to the hardcore critics (given how it’s going to appear on the highly horse-powered PS4), but what’s actually there is certainly impressive enough to get the job done.  There are plenty of new tricks and old familiar bits as well – it’s the sort of game you just knew was inevitable, a sum of the parts if you will, the next thing in line for the evolving series.  In short, the game does not disappoint, you certainly get what you pay for, so to speak.

Not to stereotype, but it might be safe to assume that a lot of Battlefield fans probably aren’t as interested in the story as they are the multi-player features in BF4.  In short, that might be a good attitude to adopt since it is possible many players might not connect well with the plot (side note * – it does feel at times like we’re being “sold” the next major world war through a video game).  Anyway, all the major elements seen in action-themed shooters / war simulators are present; your token frantic levels on rails, mid-scale sandboxes, CQC, ATV-themed excursions, each one of them really fun in and of itself.

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Those who want to fully experience the depth of what Battlefield 4 can deliver will of course need to pick up the PS4 (or corresponding next-gen) version of the game, but to be honest, things look wonderful on the hardy little PS3.  The HUD remains recognizable too; it would seem that very little has been tampered with in this regard.  Graphically, the detail, lighting and effects are every bit as good as one might imagine, especially given the fact that BF3 was the stepping stone.  Similarly, the overall level design featured throughout was particularly inspired, to say the least.

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As for its gameplay, BF4 plays out like a highly-tuned FPS, a game that represents a long line of previous “builds”, each one serving as a jumping off point for its successor.  The point is, if first-person shooting is your thing, you’re probably going to want to dive into this game head first.  Furthermore, the multiplayer section of this great title will likely keep quite a few gamers busy for many months to come.  Of particular not is the “hazardous environmental factors” inherent on certain maps.  For instance, the building you’re battling in might suddenly weaken and begin to given way, sections of it crumbling all around you altering pathways and so forth.  Conversely, maybe a dam breaks, releasing all sorts of mayhem…  The point is, this new feature adds yet another layer of variables to the fray, just the kind of thing that serious players have been asking for.

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From large-scale mechanics and physics potential (with regards to how big maps can be and how many players can be added in a session {up to 64}), to finely-detailed features, Battlefield 4 is a great game.  Most ostensibly, anyone who liked Battlefield 3 is going to go absolutely bananas for 4, it’s the next logical step for the franchise in terms of its overall appeal.  Definitely pick it up as a rental (at the very least), however you might want to just go ahead and buy it if you’re really into First-person shooters.

Rating – 9.2


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