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PS3 Cheats Title – Asura’s Wrath

True Episode 18:
After completing the game, either S rank 5 episodes or just complete 50 episodes to unlock the hidden episode containing the true ending.


Bronze trophies
A Cry of Anger – Activate Burst 50 times.
A Roar of Fury – Activate Burst 100 times.
Anger Management – Activate Burst for the first time in Episode 1.
Art Appreciator – Get all the illustrations.
Be the Fist – Achieve an overall synchronic rate average of 80% on any difficulty.
Can’t Touch That – Perform 100 counterattacks.
Can’t Touch This – Perform 50 counterattacks.
CG Collector – Get all the CG art.
Denied – Get scolded by your former master in Episode 10.
Heads Will Roll – Completely lose it in Episode 12.
Hit’Em Hard – Defeat 100 enemies with a special attack.
Hit’Em Harder – Defeat 300 enemies with a special attack.
Karma – Complete Part III: Karma.
Lightning Reflexes – Achieve 150 EXCELLENT synchronic impact rankings.
Like a Fish – Consume more alcohol than you should.
Mortal – Achieve a D rank or higher on any episode.
Movie Buff – Get all the movies and interludes.
Pain Is Universal – Accumulate a total of 10000 in damage.
Quick on the Draw – Achieve 70 EXCELLENT synchronic impact rankings.
Rebel with a Cause – Do what you think is right in Episode 13.
Shut Up, Augus! – Interrupt Augus’ monologue.
Shut Up, Kalrow! – Interrupt Kalrow’s monologue.
Shut Up, Wyzen! – Interrupt Wyzen’s monologue.
Sometimes I Feel Like… – Find all the peeping Doji at the hot spring.
Suffering – Complete Part I: Suffering.
Taking Out the Trash – Defeat 300 enemies with heavy attacks and/or lock-on fire.
The Six-Armed Man – Grow a few extra limbs in Episode 5.
The Truth Hurts – Uncover the truth.
The Whole Nine – Get all the gauges.
They Don’t Stand a Chance – Defeat 50 enemies while in Unlimited Mode.
Too Legit to Quit – Continue the game after falling in battle.
Unstoppable Force – Defeat 100 enemies while in Unlimited Mode.
View of the Valley – Continue to stare at the hot spring attendant’s assets.

Silver trophies
Demigod – Complete all episodes with at least an A rank on Normal.
Fighter – Complete all episodes on Normal or higher.
Guardian General – Complete all episodes with at least an A rank on Hard.
It Takes Two – Defeat Deus with Yasha in Episode 17.
Ka-ching! – Accumulate a total of 120000 Battle points.
Look Ma, No Eyes! – Complete the game with the Blind Master gauge equipped.
Rebirth – Complete Part II: Rebirth.
Shinkoku Soldier – Complete all episodes with an S rank on Normal.

Gold trophies
Deity – Complete all episodes with an S rank on Hard.
Warrior – Complete all episodes on Hard.
Who Needs Health? – Complete the game with the Mortal gauge equipped.

Platinum trophy
Enlightenment – Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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