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Adidas miCoach: The Basics

Adidas miCoach is a complete sports training system on Kinect for Xbox 360 and Move for PlayStation 3. Designed to take performance to the next level players will train side by side with a variety of internationally recognized sports stars continuously receiving feedback in real time.

The miCoach system tracks all exercises performed and rewards players ingame. All training data is accessible anywhere any time on the miCoach website and on the free miCoach phone app. Users are also encouraged to share compare and compete with friends and other members to build and maintain motivation.

From beginners to the most seasoned competitors miCoach personalizes training programs and sets achievable goals based on a users fitness and performance goals.

Using players Adidas miCoach hardware the game wirelessly monitors activity both in front of the console and away. Players can track their heart rate performance and goals progress throughout the duration of their program with easytoread graphical displays.

  • Complete physical training including strength flexibility cardio drills and conditioning.
  • A wealth of available activities including more than 320 unique exercises and five sports at launch: Football Tennis Running Basketball and American Football in addition to Mens Training and Womens Training options.
  • Players can track progress from anywhere using the online miCoach network. Points are earned both in front of the console and away redeemable for reallife discounts on an array of Adidas products.
  • Master Classes with such sports luminaries as Dwight Howard Kak Andrea Petkovi and more. Train oneonone with the stars in your own living room incorporating all of their tips and fitness secrets.
  • Dynamically adapted personal training centered around the Heart Rate Monitor HRM. miCoach is fully integrated to support Adidas and other brands of hardware including HRM Pacer Zone and stride sensor.
  • Downloadable updates and content including new sports athletes training plans Master Classes real world events such as the 2012 Olympics and new avatar clothing.

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