What kinds of PS3 Bundles are Available?

Bundling consoles with additional games and/or accessories is not really a new thing in the gaming industry.  These days however, companies are going beyond the idea of simply offering console + game bundles and extending the concept to include other types of accessories (and promotions).  Some companies (like Walmart) are even allowing customers to design their own bundled console packagesThe way this works is the customer is allowed to choose a base bundle package (from a list of 3 choices), a wireless controller, and one game (of 47 different titles).  The 3 base bundle choices are:

  • 320GB Ps3 Console with the PlayStation Move system (Includes the Move motion controller and PlayStation Eye camera) also included is the Sports Champions Blu-ray game
  • 320GB Ps3 with Uncharted 3
  • 160GB Ps3 with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Blu-ray 3D edition

For avid gamers who really like action and shooters, the Uncharted 3, CoD: Black Ops, or InFamous 2 bundles are probably the way to go.    Gamers who like to move around a lot, are serious about immersion, or just really like the Playstation move game catalog will want to strongly consider investing the Playstation move bundle.  Likewise, fans of the Harry Potter series or perhaps those who plan on using their console to stream videos and movies will probably want to pick up the Harry Potter bundled promotion.

Uncharted 3 PS3 Bundle

If you’re looking to make your first Ps3 purchase this year (or replace your current system), here are some of the top Ps3 bundles to be on the lookout for this year:

  • 320GB Ps3 with Uncharted 3
  • 320GB Ps3 with Playstation move motion controller and Playstation eye system
  • 320GB Ps3  with InFamous 2
  • 160GB Ps3 with COD: Black Ops (along with first strike content pack)

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