Thor: God Of Thunder Cheats

Game completion unlockables:

Unlock the Destroyer Thor costume and “Ragnarok!” difficulty setting by completing the game.


Bronze trophies
Warrior’s Madness – Kill 4 or more enemies with a single melee attack.
Valorous – Acquired an upgrade.
Marvelous – Unlock all costumes.
Electric – Unlock all Lightning Colors.
Golden Apples! – Maximize Thor’s Health.
Like Father, Like Son – Maximize Thor’s Odinforce.
Rage of Battle – Kill 10 Jötun Invaders within 30 seconds.
Slayer – Quickly obliterate 30 Frost Giants during the first battle on Niflheim.
Sharpshooter – Destroy the Jötun Ice Bridge.
Spelunker – Open the Cave of Ages within 4 minutes.
Sins of the Father – Complete Vanaheim.
Barge Hauler – Complete River Barge area with Mire Giant at 40% Health or better.
Volley – Reflect 3 of the War Beast projectiles.
Resonator – Stop the Resonator Beams in the Smelting Room without getting hit by them.
Crash Landing – Crash the Core Drill within 4 minutes of landing on it.
Into the Void! – Knock 30 enemies into abysses on Muspelheim.
Snuff Job – Extinguish 10 Warlord flames with Wind Powers.
The Bomb – Prevent the Scabrite Bomb from detonating without using any tap or charged Elemental Powers.
Ejected – Rip the Jötun warrior out of the Frost Goliath’s chest.
Gentle Giant – Spare a Mire Giant.

Silver trophies
If He Be Worthy – Defeat a giant enemy without taking any damage.
Set in Motion – Complete Asgard.
Favored Prince – Complete all Feats in Asgard.
Reap What You Sow – Complete Niflheim.
Cold Warrior – Complete all Feats in Niflheim.
Jungle Runner – Complete all Feats in Vanaheim.
Through the Fire – Complete Muspelheim.
Fire Fighter – Complete all Feats in Muspelheim.
Flawless Defense – Complete the defense of Asgard with 75% Morale.
Prodigal Son – Complete all Feats in Asgard Besieged.
Homecoming King – Defeat Mangog.

Gold trophies
Savior of Asgard – Complete the game.
Legend of Valhalla – Complete the game on Valhallan Difficulty (hardest).
Feat Fetish – Complete all Feats in the game.
The Mighty Thor – Acquire all Valor Upgrades.

Platinum trophy

KRAK-KA-BOOM!!! – Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.


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