The Top 10 PSN games for PS3

The PSN came online in tandem with the release of the Playstation 3, for which it was designed to provide free, unlimited multiplayer support (take that, XBL!) However, it has since grown into an entirely different beast altogether. For example, now access to and use of the PSN has since been extended to include the PSP and Vita. Perhaps the greatest aspect of the PSN however, is that it was able to bring back a large assortment of classic titles which are universally loved by gamers and heralded as some of the greatest games ever conceived. New titles that don’t quite fit into “the major release formula” or contain higher-end capabilities are also given a home on the PSN. All in all, the PSN adds an entirely new layer of depth to gaming on the PS3, PSP, Vita, and is certainly worth exploring. If you like PSN games then you might like to Play Marvel Casino Games.

OK, enough with the chatter, let’s examine what many consider to be the 10 must-own PSN titles:


#10 WipEout HD

WipEout HD is a ship racer featuring an anti-gravity theme. Breakneck action, excellent visuals, intense multiplayer action and stereoscopic 3D capabilities are all hallmarks of this futuristic racing title.


#9 Lara Croft – Guardian of Light

If you’ve played any previous Tomb Raider games, you already know the themes associated with the series, GoL won’t really surprise you much there. However, unlike previous entries in the franchise, this game offers the player more of a bird’s eye view of the action. Quite simply, this is a more fast-paced and classic arcade version of the Tomb Raider concept (which also supports multiplayer).


#8 Outland

Outland is 2D platformer which incorporates a number of different elements into one potent brew. For example, player color (at any given time) and the color of specific attacks play a large role in the gameplay, as does exploration and frantic on-screen action. The visuals are also something truly wonderful to behold and the atmosphere is top-notch too.


#7 Stacking

Stacking is a very unique game, that’s for sure. While you are tasked with solving a wide array of puzzles, Stacking is also a bona-fide adventure game…say what? That’s right, you’ll wander around, talk to NPC’s, and be exposed to a deep storyline which deals with some rather dark elements. This game also features some very stylish retro-ish settings and ambiance.


#6 Flower

Visually speaking, Flower is really a very stunning achievement from an artistic point-of-view. I can’t divulge too much about this title or it will ruin the BIG surprises in store for you. Let’s just suffice it to say that this one is “definitely worth buying” and that it touches on emotional themes that will probably catch you off-guard. Just a startlingly awesome game.


#5 Braid

Braid is a one-of-a-kind 2D platformer that hearkens back to the days of classic games. What makes this puzzle-laden title so great however is that it adds the element of time to the equation; that is to say that in order to solve most of the puzzles, you must travel backward and forward in time. Quite simply, this is a charming and challenging game that’s really, really good.


#4 Worms 2: Armageddon

If you’re familiar at all with the ‘Worms’ series I shouldn’t have to tell you why this game is on this list. Worms 2 is by all accounts a turn-based strategy game that incorporates humor, charm, cuteness, and tension in order to present gamers with an experience that is like no other. Simply put, you and your mates will most likely end up spending quite a lot of time ‘battling it out’ as this is an extremely addictive game.



#3 PixelJunk Series

The PicelJunk series centers around 2D shooting challenges and puzzles, but a big part of the draw appears to also be the environments. Likewise, there are a number of games comprising the complete PixelJunk series (with more to come) and the company behind the franchise is known for offering dollar discounts. Great games and great prices = a winning combination.


#2 Dead Nation

Yes, Dead Nation is a 3rd person zombie shooter with arcade leanings, as if you hadn’t had enough of that already. What makes this game different however is the level of strategy you need to employ, its mechanics and co-op ability. There’s quite a lot of leveling up to do as well. As far as zombie apocalypse shooters go, this is one of the most fun titles you can get via the PSN.


#1 Super Stardust HD

There’s a reason why Super Stardust HD is number one on this list, it’s almost too much fun. SSHD is not particularly difficult to understand story wise and the control scheme is extremely basic (the two joysticks + L, R buttons), yet they’ve found a way to create a truly engaging experience with these bare-bones elements which will grab and entertain the living daylights out of you. If you only choose one game via this list, let it be this one.



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