GTA V Preview

While it’s still a bit too early to say “they’ve done it again”, from initial reports and screenings of GTA V, it would seem that Rockstar games is still pushing the envelope when it comes to creating interesting sandboxes for gamers to explore.  This latest installment takes place on an island which houses a massive, sprawling city.  Simply put, this is shaping up to look like the most ambitious Grand Theft Auto title yet, where there’s more to do, see, steal, shoot, etc…

Perhaps the most intriguing thing to consider however is that Rockstar is “pulling out all the stops” to bring us their biggest open world game to date (literally and figuratively).  In other words, access to an even larger map than we’ve previously dealt which is also jam packed with features, interactive opportunities as well as locales.  It would seem that they’ve even brought back a little bit of the zany humor from San Andreas, not too much mind you, just enough to counterbalance any overly gritty aspects.


Most gamers are going to be particularly surprised to learn that this game will feature 3 playable campaign characters, that’s right, you heard me…3.  But instead of choosing one at the beginning and sticking with them throughout, GTA V allows you to switch between them at will.   Sure, it’s a sort of mechanic that dates back to earlier Battlefield titles, but it’s a relatively fresh idea for a true open-world sandbox game.  Some missions will require you to command all 3 characters in fact, which certainly adds another dimension to the gameplay.

So, just how big is this world going to be, some of you are probably wondering?  According to certain sources, GTA V is going to be bigger than GTA IV, San Andreas, and Red Dead Redemption PUT TOGETHER!  That’s right; this might be the game that truly defines the open-world experience, once and for all.


Aside from sheer size, the visuals in GTA V are also extremely impressive.  Everything looks incredible, especially the environments.  You’ll traverse a great assortment of locations as well, many of which are so detailed that you’ll be left in absolute amazement.

In terms of gameplay, GTA V is going to be unlike any other sandbox you’ve ever played.  Sure, there will be noticeable elements which seem to have been co-opted from other franchises, but they’re still given an original treatment and add a considerable depth to the entire experience.  Outside of completing missions or the main quest, you can go golfing, scuba diving, base jumping, jet skiing, you name it…there’s so much to do in this game that it’s ridiculous, albeit in a very satisfying way.  Character progression is also on the docket as you will be able to perform various upgrades and engage in any of your 3 character’s unique hobbies.


Along with a new and improved multiplayer mode, GTA V will also feature more vehicles, planes and transportation devices than any other one of their previous titles.  Melee combat is even getting upgraded; the same goes for the shooting mechanics.  Simply put, you’re going to spend months exploring the numerous things that GTA V is going to place in front of you.  Seriously, this game looks amazing…

Currently, GTA V is set for a September 2013 release.


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