Gamescom Day 3 Summary for PS3

While many be ready to trade up or toss out their PS3 in exchange for a brand-spanking new PS4 not everyone is ready to move on just yet, apparently.  Sure, it’s fairly obvious that we’re all going to move on up to the PS4 at some point, ‘tis evolution, after all, but that doesn’t mean that there still aren’t some great, impressive titles being produced for the PS3.  In fact, GamesCom 2013 has featured a number of PS3 titles which are not only very striking, but also quite outstanding and noteworthy in their own right.  Anyway, it’s Day 3 (the 3rd day open to the public) of GamesCom 2013, and here are the interesting bits of PS3 news that we have for you…

First off, just like the PS4, “Minecraft” is going to be officially finding its way onto the PS3 as well.  This is no doubt going to be received as great news for those PlayStation fans who aren’t big PC gamers (or happen to own an Xbox 360) and have been waiting for an opportunity to sink their teeth into the Minecraft universe.

“Rayman Legends” is also coming to the PS3 on September 3rd.  This highly engaging (if a bit overlooked) franchise is carrying the colorful platformer torch forward with its highly stylized art and visuals.  It’s just the kind of thing that FPS-fatigued gamers might find refreshing.

Rayman Legends

Another title worth keeping an eye on is “Rain” (which is set for an October 1st release).  This hauntingly dark and mysterious game is going to be exclusive to the PS3 via the PSN.  It tells the story of a young boy who becomes lost in a rainstorm and begins following the silhouette of a girl only to become invisible and also encounter unknown creatures who also cannot be seen without the aid of the visual clues offered by the rain.  Needless to say, there will be puzzle-solving involved as well as other mechanics – it appears to be a highly original concept and will likely turn the heads of more than a few gamers.

For those who are seeking a great racing title for the PS3, look no further than “Need for Speed: Rivals’, which hits the shelves on November 19th. MinecraftUInlike a lot of other auto-centric games, NfS: Rivals is set in an open world environment, meaning that you can expect lots of exploration in addition to some truly magnificent chases between cops and robbers (of which you are also free to choose a side).  If you’re looking for a more traditional racing experience, “Gran Turismo 6” is also coming on December 6th and it’s set to deliver the goods both in terms of its visuals as well as its fairly refined gameplay / controls.  GT6 will incorporate no less than 1200 cars and 71 layouts on 33 tracks; in other words, there’s going to be enough content to keep you busy for quite some time.

Gamers that yearn for more punishment from the Dark Souls franchise will definitely want to check out “Dark Souls II” which is being released on March 14th 2014.  Boasting a world that’s said to be twice the size of the one from the first game, DSII is certainly going to offer up even more exciting challenges from players (in addition to eliciting even more curses from them as well).

That’s it for Day 3, check back tomorrow for our final day of PS3 coverage for GamesCom 2013.

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