DmC: Devil May Cry Cheats

Unlockable Difficulties:
Unlock the following difficulties by completing each of the tasks:

Dante Must Die! – Complete the game on Son of Sparda
Heaven or Hell – Complete the game on Son of Sparda
Hell and Hell – Complete the game on Heaven or Hell
Son of Sparda – Complete the game on Human, Devil Hunter or Nephilim

Unlockable Rare Artwork:
Unlock the following artwork by completing each of the tasks:

Rare Art #1 – Use Devil Trigger 666 times.
Rare Art #2 – Play for 50 hours.
Rare Art #3 – Accumulate 5,000,000 points of total damage.
Rare Art #4 – Complete sixty missions with an “SSS” rank.

Unlock the following bonuses by performing the corresponding tasks:

Original costume – Complete the main game on Human, Devil hunter or Nephilim difficultly
Son of Sparda/Coatless Dante – Complete the game in Son Of Sparda mode.
Super Dante – Complete the game in Dante Must Die mode. Super Dante has unlimited Devil Trigger.


Bronze trophies
A man with guts and honor – Reach the end of the descent on Mission 6 having killed all of the enemies. (Video)
Absolutely crazy about it – Spend 50,000 Red Orbs.
And you are set free – Free half of the Lost Souls.
Bring it on! – Slay 1,000 Demons.
Cleaning up his Dad’s mess – Defeat Mundus.
Come on Puppy. Let’s go! – Defeat your pursuer.
Dude, the show’s over! – Find all of the Keys.
Every hero has a weakness – Complete Furnace of Souls without taking damage from the furnace.
Flock off, feather-face! – Survive the encounter with the Tyrant.
For Tony Redgrave – Kill 50 enemies using nothing but firearms.
He’s a demon too – Help Phineas retrieve his eye.
Impressive – Slay 100 Demons.
In the name of my father – Kill 100 enemies using nothing but Demon weapons.
It’s got to stay in the family – Acquire Arbiter.
It’s only the rain – Kill 10 enemies by pushing them into the Hurricane ride on Mission 1. (Video)
It’s showtime. Come on! – Earn 1,500 Style Bonuses.
It’s time to finish this! – Help Vergil open the Vault.
Let’s rock, baby! – Upgrade Dante’s health to maximum.
Let’s welcome chaos! – Open all of the Secret Doors.
Looks like it’s your lucky day – Complete a level without taking any damage.
More than just a few sparks – Acquire Revenant.
No talking! – Acquire Aquila.
Now my coat’s all charred – Navigate the Sky Bridge on Mission 16 without hitting the lasers.
Only kind of gift worth giving – Acquire the Angel Boost ability.
Sensational! – Gain a SSS Style Rank during combat.
Stylish! – Complete a mission with a SSS rank.
Thing drives me crazy – Acquire Osiris.
This baby sure can pack a punch – Acquire Eryx.
This is my kind of rain – Spend 10,000 Red Orbs.
This is what I live for! – Complete all missions on the Heaven or Hell difficulty.
This party’s just getting crazy! – Complete 10 Secret Missions.
Time to go to work guys! – Purchase your first upgrade.
Whatever, Lady – Defeat Mundus’ spawn.
Where does the time go? – Complete a level with 2 minutes or less on the clock. (Video)
You are not a Human, are you? – Acquire the Devil Trigger ability.
You can’t handle it – Upgrade Dante’s Devil Trigger to maximum.
You’ll never have her fire – Kill 100 enemies using nothing but Angel weapons.
You’re not going to shoot me – Acquire Kablooey.

Silver trophies

Fill your dark soul with light – Free all of the Lost Souls.
Keeps getting better and better – Gain a 100% completion rank on all missions (difficulty doesn’t matter).
Looks like we have a winner – Slay 5,000 Demons.
One hell of a party! – Complete all of the Secret Missions.
Power… Give me more power! – Purchase all of Dante’s combat upgrades.
The end? Don’t bet on it – Complete the final mission on Human, Devil Hunter or Nephilim difficulty.
Too easy! – Complete all missions on the Son of Sparda difficulty.

Gold trophies
And welcome to Hell! – Complete all missions on the Hell and Hell difficulty.
Devils never cry – Complete all missions on the Dante Must Die difficulty.
Jackpot! – Complete all missions on the Nephilim difficulty with a SSS rank.

Platinum trophy
Platinum Trophy – Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.


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