Dead Space 3 Review

The arrival of Dead Space 3 has been met with mixed reviews and opinions.  Moving its focus away from strict survival / horror-based action we saw in the first two outings, Dead Space 3 is attempting to bring more of an action / adventure element to the franchise.  Does this mean that it’s not scary anymore?  …Of course not.  A Dead Space game is destined to be somewhat frightening or shocking by virtue of its very nature.  With this 3rd installment, the focus seems to have been placed more on entertaining gameplay rather than horrific “jump scares”.   All in all, this is a title that will appeal to fans of survival / horror, strategic shooters, and action / adventure games.  Does it suffer from a few “issues”?  Well, one could argue that yes, it could have been improved in various ways, but nevertheless, Dead Space 3 is wildly compelling and addictive.

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Isaac Clarke returns in Dead Space 3 to take on the Necromorphs once again.  The game starts off with Clarke rushing to rescue his girlfriend, Ellie.  Eventually, Isaac learns that he might have a shot of (finally) destroying the very source of source of the Necromorph outbreak.  Unfortunately, he’ll have to travel to the icy planet “Tau Volantis” which will offer up its own unique challenges to our beleaguered hero.


Simply put, this is a fantastic-looking game.  The levels and environments are much more varied as well.  In other words, instead of rusty, dimly light corridors that make you uneasy just walking down them, you will be treated to a more varied and perhaps larger set of surroundings to explore (and blast away Necromorphs in).  In fact, the snow-covered Tau Volantis is prominently featured throughout the course the game.  The character and enemy models are outstanding as well; arguably, this is the best-looking Dead Space yet.


However, Dead Space 3 really shines when it comes to gameplay.  This time around you will have a friend to back you up, Sergeant John Carver (who’s extremely eager to kick some Necromorph butt).  This addition of co-op-based gameplay for the campaign really comes in handy, particularly during the sections where you will face wave after wave of unseemly murderous freaks.

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As with the previous titles, Dead Space 3 features some excellent shooting mechanics, which are as much strategic as they are satisfying.  What’s more, a weapons customization feature has been added with this installment; now you can create custom weapons that will absolutely crush the competition with their overwhelming power.


In all honesty, it seems like Dead Space 3 is receiving too much negative criticism.  The game itself is an absolutely wonderful 3rd installment and certainly attempts to improve upon the formula and mechanics of its forbearers.  Does this mean that it’s perfect?  No.  Again, there are “issues” with the game, but none of them are so overpowering that they ruin the experience or even significantly affect the story or gameplay.  Definitely pick this one up; it’s worth owning, especially if you’re the type of gamer that can appreciate co-operative action.  Highly recommended…

Rating – 8 / 10


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