Call Of Duty: Black Ops II – Trailer Analysis

The game is set in 2025, and features warfare between China and USA. The trailer suggests that the USA has built many robotic weapons, which the Chinese manage to hack and control – This is cyber warfare involving two powerful nations! USA are been attacked by their own created robots, China has taken control of these robots using futuristic hacking methods. USA must defeat the robots they had made using manned crafts and soldiers.

Trailer Analysis:

Here is our Analysis of the trailer (which is spoken by an American accent – USA):

“Beside from the fact that I am still alive, none of this surprises me” –  Clearly something has happened for him to say this. What has happened? Some events have taken place.

“We built robots, un-manned armies.” – Why? It is clear that the USA have built computers, robots and un-manned armies.

“The Strong got Stronger, The weak got Weaker” – Does this imply that USA got stronger, and China got weaker? The real reason for China’s attack? Or does it mean the USA got weaker?

“What Happens When The Enemy Steals The Keys?” – The opposition is China, therefore, China must have stolen the keys to these robots. How? Most likely some kind of cyber-attack.

“The things we built were turned against us” – China take control of these robots and un-manned armies on USA soil.

“That’s when they figured it out; they will always need men like us, those who are willing to do what others cannot” – USA are been attacked by their own technology creations, now they realise that they need man power, not robot power!

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