A Quick Look at the PS3 Move Motion Controller

It could be said that the Nintendo Wii revolutionized the concept of motion-based gaming. Not to be underplayed, Microsoft shortly thereafter released their 360 Kinect device.  However, while all of this was going on, Sony was hard at work developing the “move” motion controller.

The Ps3 move motion controller looks like a magic wand and in many ways behaves like one too.  The controller itself sort of combines both Nintendo and Microsoft’s approaches into one definitive system which tracks the movements of its user’s wand via a camera-like device called the Playstation eye (a parallel to the 360 Kinect).  There is also a navigation controller, called the Navigation controller, which is to be used in tandem with the move wand.  Together these two devices work in a similar fashion as that of the Wiimote.

PS3 Motion Controller

Currently, there are a great number of games which support the Playstation move controller system, which make full use of its capabilities.  Additionally, the concept of the move controller has been applied to various gun-shaped controllers, which greatly enhance the experiences of first-person shooters, for example.

In addition to vibration effects, the Playstation move controller also features visual effects which are delivered via the light(s) in the orb of the controller itself.  So, for example if you were playing a game which features a lot of gun play, the orb might light up to simulate “muzzle flash”.

Many have commented on the smoothness of tracking and ease of use which the move achieves.  Gamers seem to agree that the “move” handles in a very natural manner (in terms of feel or control) and that the use of it greatly enhances the gaming experience (as well as increases one’s feelings of “immersion”).  Even those who don’t own Ps3’s have remarked on how the move is arguably the best motion-based controller of all the major competing consoles on the market. 


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