Write For Us

Write For Us

Contributors are always welcome here at PS3Home. This site is one of the largest UK PS3 fan sites in the UK, and writing for PS3Home will give you good exposure. If you have a passion for the PlayStation 3 and can write articles, then writing articles for PS3Home could be perfect for you!


  • Your article will be featured for our readers to see.
  • You will be featured on our staff page.
  • You’ll be supporting your passion – gaming!
  • You get publicity, and plenty of it! PS3Home is one of the largest gaming sites in the UK.
  • You’ll occasionally be offered FREE games, codes, and prizes.
  • Have access to certain games before they are released.

What we need from you:

  • Full Name / First Name: depending what you prefer to be known as.
  • Web site URL: you don’t have to have a website, you can link to your twitter or any other social media account.
  • Bio: a short piece of text describing who you are and what you do.

What kind of content are we looking for?

  • Articles
  • Tutorials
  • Showcases or Roundups
  • News
  • Audio / Video Broadcasts

Do I get paid?

Whilst some of our article writers get paid, at the moment, we can only give recognition for our future contributors. However, great work will be rewarded with FREE games, promo codes, and prizes.


If you would like the chance to become part of the contributor team here at PS3Home, please contact us now with the above details.

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